5 Money Saving Secrets of a MPS

11 Dec 2017
Rob Hinschberger

Are you in control of the cost of your office printing or is it controlling you?

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about how to ask the right questions before choosing a Managed IT service provider. To continue that discussion on Managed Print Service (MPS), there are a few key features that have stood out as desirable in my conversations with customers that I think are worth sharing today.

Two quick notes, typically devices that print 30 pages per minute or less, such as your desktop printers, would be candidates for a MPS. AOS already manages many different systems, including Brother, Dell, HP, Lexmark, Samsung, and of course .

Now, what are those features our customers really appreciated?

Cost Certainty

MPSs are structured through a service contract with a cost per copy agreement. While your volume may vary monthly, it allows for an accurate forecast with your budget.

Typically, a customer will see a reduction of 10-30% in printing expenses in the first year – that’s based on information provided through an MSP. Saving opportunities appear through reports identifying savings like which printers cost more and where is best to use them (in a spot where more printing occurs).

Peace of Mind

With automatic toner replenishment, no longer do you need to have over or under stock of supplies. When the toner meter hits 20%, a new cartridge will be sent to your office, labelled to the print in need of a refill (added bonus: you’re not throwing toner out at 10-15%, you’re able to use it right to the end).

With one consolidated, monthly invoice, life becomes much easier for finance to track printing expenses and see your volume reports.

Added Productivity

Service calls are expensive. If you’re using your IT team for printer issues I’m sure they’d tell you there are other projects they need to focus their time on. Add valuable time to their day to focus on resolving and improving core business issues.

Partnering with AOS will save your employees from needing to run out of the office, make needless phone calls and find the right printer toner.


With the ability to service devices and have replacement parts, A Manage Print Environment with AOS will add to the longevity of the device (translation – that’s more money in your pocket when you don’t have to throw it out and buy a new printer).


Further analysis is available through a print assessment which provides information of energy consumption, carbon footprint and numbers of trees that were cut for your paper. With print cartridge yields accounting only for 5% page coverage, most businesses do not get the true value out of their toner. Ensure you get the most out of your ink! Because your printer cartridge only accounts for 5% of the ink on any given page you print, most businesses do not get the true value out of their toner. Ensure you get the most out of your cartridge!

Finally, how does the Managed Print Environment work? The service is run through an app on your machines that is connected to our service team –the app is able to collect information or print volumes and supply levels in order to proactively keep you running smoothly in your office! Yes, you will hear much fewer muttered vulgarities aimed at your printing equipment.

A managed print service is a valuable tool and resource that allows you to have control of an expense that is said to be the third highest behind only salary and rent. Take control of how much you’re printing, what it costs you and increase productivity and efficiency levels in your office!

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