The AOS Group is dedicated to providing solutions, services, and consultancy to businesses across the Hamilton and Niagara area.

As a Xerox dealer, the AOS Group has the power to handle large-scale projects for major companies and the precision to advise small businesses regarding suitable solutions for their office needs.

The AOS Group combines alliances with innovative technology providers with nurturing talented specialists capable of adding business value.

Aiming for a superior mix of profitability and uncompromising quality, the AOS Group focuses on its core skill, which is to find exact solutions for each presented problem.

For the benefit of its customers, the AOS Group solutions are represented through skilled consultants.

At the same time, the AOS Group copier sales also offer customers the opportunity to purchase solutions at discounted prices. Multiple promotions, advisory options, and the AOS Group copier sales are highlighted on the website for ease of access.

AOS Cares

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Rod Mawhood interview with Harry Erskine

Our Solutions

AOS focuses on reliability and quality and is specialized in offering direct manufacturer support.

The solutions devised by our consultants increase productivity and address cost-efficiency issues. Small businesses facing cash flow issues can benefit from printing assessments, and audits pinpoint bottlenecks and eliminate superfluous expenses. AOS is a valuable ally for small and medium companies that need to control productivity and runaway costs.

Focused on providing integrated IT solutions and services, we can manage and consult on critical data back-up and protection, network monitoring and management, and we can minimize the costs associated with implementing and using the latest technologies on the market. In fact, we can guarantee a higher service level compared to in-house IT staff and at a comparatively lower cost. Our operations are all based out of our head office and Customer Care centre in Grimsby, Ontario.

Our success has been built on a simple principle: take care of every client like they were a member of our family.

From the beginning, our top priority has been to provide unmatched customer care and to help you, our clients, understand how technology has impacted, is impacting and will impact your business as you grow.