A Xerox all-in-one laser printer is a multifunction device that incorporates the functionality of an office photocopier, scanner, and a fax machine into a single, compact device that can accommodate the needs of a small business or large corporation. Office floor space is often a limited resource in a small business office, so with a desktop multifunction laser printer, floor space that would otherwise be occupied is made available.

Power expenses will be reduced by the employment of an all-in-one laser printer in place of individual, single-function machines. An Energy Star rated Xerox product will not only minimize environmental impact but save on electricity costs.

The AOS Group offers both colour and black and white WorkCentre series printers with speeds up to 90 pages per minute for simplex printing. The Solid Ink ColorQube series printers can print up to 75,000 pages per month and has a maximum paper-loading capacity of 7,300 sheets.

High-end specification monochrome Xerox multifunction laser printers offer up to 125 pages per minute for peak volume workflow. Xerox printing solutions deliver fast paced, polished quality printing for professional tasks. ConnectKey Technology offers mobile and cloud-based connectivity for employee expediency, so that productivity can be sustained, and therefore improved, for an on-the-move workforce.

Multifunction Tabloid Printer

Multifunction tabloid printers are also available in larger 11 x 17 formats for offices that depend on large, high-quality media for their day-to-day operations. Additional features include wireless connectivity, automatic duplexing, smaller stock printing, and managed printing services software. Such software will monitor printer use and control information security to ensure more efficient and secure business operations. Products come in a range of sizes, with larger printers having more functions available.