Are You a Small Business Owner or Part of a Startup Company? Help Us, Help You!

1 Oct 2018

By: Greg Matsis

Often when businesses are small scale or are just starting out they hear “Xerox” and immediately respond with “we’re too small for that” or “we don’t really print a lot so you wouldn’t be of much help.” This couldn’t be further from the truth! A Xerox solution is no longer just a significant investment in a traditional floor standing copier. At AOS we take each client’s needs into account and build a customized solution, including a variety of product offerings. So in fact there is NO such thing as too small. Here are three reasons why!


We are here to cater to your needs and accommodate your budget. Too many times we see reputable business owners using an inexpensive printer that they bought at a local retail outlet. Unfortunately, what customers don’t realize is the large amount they’ll spend regularly on toner cartridges following this purchase. Not to mention the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ applies in this case as these ‘retail’ printers usually do not stand the test of time in a paper-centric office setting. With an AOS solution we offer Xerox desktop printers equipped with all-inclusive service plans that cover you for setup, proactive toner replenishment, parts, and on-site service. Additionally you can expect a much more robust enterprise level device that can handle large workloads for many years to come. The printer is the central pulse of most office environments and a Xerox device will help you make the right investment in the forefront so your business can have peace of mind.

Don’t Get hacked!

Furthering the notion of our enterprise grade devices are the security factors that come into play. Most products found at retail outlets are meant for home settings. Most times they are not equipped with the security to deal with sensitive information on the networks connected to the printer. With ransomware and other virus threats being an unfortunate daily reality existing in the internet world customers want to do everything possible to avoid putting their company at risk. Xerox products offer Cisco TrustSec network security and McAfee Anti-Virus protection on top of an abundance of embedded security features so customers can rest assured their data is safe.

No Paper, No Problem!

If you are a business that rarely prints paper don’t give up on an AOS solution just yet! Our partner Xerox has been making significant strides in the digital transformation, investing in alternative digital solutions for customers who are paperless. Are you in need of a way to manage electronic invoicing? Xerox offers customized software solutions that will help your business track, manage and invoice your clients. Do you need help with back scanning or transitioning banker’s boxes to digital documents? AOS can provide high-speed scanning devices for ongoing day-to-day operations. Additionally, Xerox offers an efficient scanning service which involves handling large volumes of physical files and converting them digitally, quickly, and securely.

If you think your office may not require the large floor standing copier, do not underestimate your needs as “small” or “startup” by thinking that Xerox and AOS are “too big for me.” Our enterprise level desktop devices offer the same features and benefits for smaller scale operations. When you combine this with the digital software solutions and service offerings from Xerox, it confirms that AOS can bring substantial value to any business, no matter the size or scope!

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