Ask the Right Questions Before Choosing a Managed IT Services Provider

30 Nov 2017

Deciding to partner with a Managed IT Services provider for your small to mid-sized business is a great decision. SMBs can benefit from IT services designed to ensure efficient, consistent operation, and invaluable functions, including security, around the clock system monitoring, data management and more. Finding the right Managed IT Services for your needs can take a bit of time and research, but armed with the right questions to ask, you’ll be able to find the best provider to suit your needs.

Here are some questions to help you get started:

1. What types of support do you offer? Choose a Managed IT provider that offers both onsite and remote support, 24/7/365. Remote support is critical in order to detect minor issues before they can disrupt your business, and a live technician should be available any time of the day or night. Onsite support is equally as important, to ensure your equipment remains operational, provide preventive maintenance, and address any concerns you may have in person.

2. What is your track record? Opt for a provider with a proven record for client retention and longevity, with knowledgeable, experienced staff.

3. Is there anything you would like to know about our organization? The right provider will want to know everything about your business to understand your unique requirements and goals.

4. Do you have experience within our industry? Your Managed IT Services provider should understand the specifics of your particular industry, in order to provide insight for improvements beyond the scope of your hardware.

5. Do you have a dedicated monitoring system in place? Around the clock, remote monitoring is the best way to detect and solve issues before they shut down your operation. Choose a provider that offers complete monitoring for all network devices, servers, firewalls, routers and more.

Are you considering partnering with a Managed IT Services provider but aren’t sure where to start? Why not give us a call and we’d be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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