Be Aware of These 5 Symptoms of an Inefficient Print Environment

25 Sep 2017

Most small and medium sized businesses don’t have an accurate picture of what they’re spending on print. Operating in an inefficient print environment hinders productivity, slows down workflows, and drives up costs. Fortunately, if you can identify the inefficiencies and eliminate them, you can realize significant cost savings.

Here are the most common symptoms of inefficiencies in the print environment to be on the lookout for:

  1. Your workplace has acquired a collection of cheap desktop printers. A telltale sign of an inefficient print environment is the proliferation of inexpensive desktop printers. While these printers may seem cost-effective on the front-end, the long-term costs to operate these devices are astronomical and do not make financial sense. Even worse, the purchase of supplies to keep desktop printers in operation often goes untracked, making it almost impossible to figure out how much your organization is spending.
  1. Documents are frequently left on print output trays. Documents that are left on print output trays are an obvious sign of waste. Also, abandoned documents create a serious security threat for your business, especially if these documents contain sensitive information. In fact, 90 percent of businesses have experienced a security breach due to unsecured printing.
  1. The acquisition of print supplies is not handled centrally. When you don’t have someone actively monitoring and approving the purchase of print-related supplies, you’re at the mercy of your employees. When print supplies are purchased on an ad-hoc basis by various employees, the costs can skyrocket, and you’ll very quickly reach a point of ungoverned waste.
  1. There are no guidelines in place for printing in colour. Printing in colour costs considerably more than printing in black-and-white. If you don’t make black-and-white the default choice, employees will often print in colour, regardless of how the document will be used.
  1. Your organization relies on paper-intensive processes. Although we live in a digital world, 40 percent of businesses still rely on paper documents. Moving to digital processes will speed up workflows, increase productivity, and benefit your bottom line.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms of an inefficient print environment, a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider can help. Contact us today to uncover your actual printing costs and more ways to optimize your print environment.

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