Having pioneered photocopying, Xerox uses its wealth of experience to create a line of affordable black and white laser printer solutions for small Canadian offices. Knowing that many offices may only need monochrome printing, a b&w printer can be a cost effective option. A black and white laser printer costs less than a colour laser printer and typically has a lower cost of ownership over its lifetime over inkjet printers.

Features of a B&W Printer

Xerox black and white all-in-one and multifunction printers are a great option to streamline printing and work processes in your office. Moreover, they occupy less storage space in the office and maximize productivity.

Similar to most Xerox products, the black and white printer series incorporates colour scanners with high-resolution sensors. The printing speeds are between 29 and 65 ppm, and the printers feature heavy-duty trays that can store up to 3,750 paper sheets. Generous output cycles of 300,000 pages per month cover the needs of offices that print high volumes.

To answer the needs of all business owners, Xerox products feature confidentiality protection supported by data encryption and secure transmission of documents. Black and white laser printers include internal storage, large memory banks, scanning and emailing functions, and network connectivity. Offices requiring cost efficiency and versatile printing solutions can benefit from integrated features such as printer-sharing, advanced document finishing options, and mobile printing.