Remove daily non-core processes so your organization can focus on profitably growing your business.

When it comes to growing your business, your employee’s time, energy, and focus are best spent on core business practices. Many of the typical day-to-day processes that creep into their work day are non-core and can often be better, more efficiently handled through outsourcing or partnership with a company like AOS. Our focus and efficiencies allow your team to spend their valuable time on core tasks leading to profitability and growth.

Here are several advanced business processes that our clients have entrusted to AOS to manage on their behalf from our Customer Care Centre in Grimsby, Ontario:

  • Primary level help desk support for IT organizations, directly supporting their customers for tier 1 troubleshooting
  • Project management for both IT and service organizations
  • Dispatch and schedule management for both IT and service organizations
  • Purchase and procurement responsibilities for all types of organizations
  • Invoicing, collections, payment processing and general AR management for all types of organizations

BPO is highly personal and company specific. It requires a deep, trusted dialog and all of our solutions are custom designed to meet your organization’s very specific needs. If you would like to explore the concept of BPO and learn how AOS can design custom solutions to meet your company’s unique business needs, get in touch and we’ll show you exactly how we can help steer your business towards greater profitability, increased productivity and happier employees!

Contact Harry Erskine or Dave Shaw to schedule an informal discussion on how BPO can help you meet your business goals.