Introducing the Mondopad from InFocus:

The Giant Touch Tablet That’s Perfect for Your Conference Room!

Adding an InFocus Monopad to your conference room allows you to present, annotate and collaborate with meeting participants in the room and around the world! The Mondopad puts everything you need at your fingertips. Visually present, capture and share ideas from a single, fully-integrated device.

  • High definition, multi-touch 55-inch or 70-inch display
  • Built-in Windows PC offers flexibility and expandability
  • Interactive digital whiteboard and document annotation
  • Business-class video conferencing
  • Share and view with full control from your tablet, notebook or smartphone
  • Full version of Microsoft Office included


Designed for Multi-touch

Mondopad features a human, natural touch interface that changes the way you interact with information. Collaborating and connecting at a deeper level makes your meetings more engaging and productive. Content becomes immersive and keeps your audience focused and engaged!

Mondopad comes complete with a full suite of software that makes full use of its multi-touch capability to simplify and optimize all of its presentation, annotation and collaboration applications.

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Video Conference Anywhere in the World!

You can add Mondopad as an SIP endpoint on your video conference server or service. By installing the desktop client for your video conferencing system, just like you would with a PC, you can create a large-screen, immersive, video conferencing platform right in your office.

We offer an affordable video conferencing solution from Vidtel if you don’t have a video conferencing system.

Mondopad supports the industry standard conferencing and collaboration tools. GoToMeeting, WebEx, Microsoft Lync and Adobe Connect all run seamlessly on the system; just download the app and you’re ready to go!

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See Me. Touch Me. “Wow” Your Clients.

All the familiar presentation, annotation, and collaboration applications optimized for touch.

Mondopad makes sharing documents and visuals from any device amazingly easy.

  • From Mondopad’s view/share folder you can add, remove and launch documents, which all attendees can then easily access
  • Email files directly to Mondopad
  • Mondopad supports all the documents you currently use daily, including PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Jpegs and more. Every document is perfectly optimized for a touch environment
Mondopad is the Whiteboard Wizard

Open the dialog with Mondopad’s whiteboard and collaboration apps. Increase interest and engagement, then capture and share your ideas.

  • Mondopad comes with a complete set of writing and drawing tools, pens, highlighters, shapes and lines
  • Everything can be collected, saved and emailed, including all drawings, notes and visuals

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Solid as a Rock Hardware

Combining the power and flexibility of a PC with a giant touch display, cameras and speakers for the ultimate in video communication, Mondopad is built around the industry leading technological offerings from Intel and Microsoft. This makes upgrading to the latest software and tools a breeze.

Mondopad features:

  • Full 1080p LCD display with multi-touch overlay
  • Intel’s high-performance i5 PC running Windows 7 Pro
  • Full version of Microsoft Office
  • 720p high definition camera with four microphones

  • Dialog clarity with voice-optimized speaker bars
  • HDMI, USB, Ethernet, VGA inputs
  • Remote monitoring and management with Intel vPro technology
  • One-year limited warranty


Capture Your Ideas

Take notes and collaborate on-screen in real time.

Capture your ideas and take notes right on the screen with the whiteboard’s writing and drawing tools. Because Mondopad is highly visual and immersive, your team will never lose another idea and will communicate more effectively.

  • Highlight key information on PowerPoint slides, spreadsheets, design comps and more
  • Help remote participants follow along by identifying key information right on the screen
  • Capture and share notes with everyone in the meeting

Mondopad Mobile Apps

Share, view and control content from your tablet, PC or Smartphone!
  • Mondopad Connect – Lets you quickly and easily connect your iPhone or Android device via Wi-Fi
  • Control View App – Replicates the Mondopad desktop on your iPad, tablet or PC giving you full touch control from that device
  • Present2 – Replicates your PC screen on the Mondopad and can be installed directly from your Mondopad