Do You Know What Differentiates One MFP from Another?

31 Oct 2016


Many of today’s multifunction printers look the same and offer the same functionality. However, it’s important to keep in mind that buying an MFP is not just about what the machine can do, or the price. There are many factors to consider in an MFP — including service and support.

If you’re considering a multifunction printer, here are four things to consider:

  • System Security
  • Mobile Capability
  • Print Engine
  • Warranty

Let’s take a closer look.

System Security Level

What level of security does the system come with? Modern multifunction printers are more like computers than printers. They do it all: print, scan, fax, and even connect to the Internet. These multiple capabilities make the printer valuable, but can also open up your company to security threats. You need to be sure any multifunction printer you choose maximizes system security.

There are two types of security commonly offered: single sub-system security, which may or may not be included in the monthly lease and doesn’t cover all components of the printer.  Or full system security that covers the whole system, all areas being certified as secure from outside threats.

Mobile Printing Capability

If you have a mobile workforce, it is worthwhile considering a multifunction printer that allows for mobile printing. But with mobile printing it’s important to ask about security and if there are additional charges to activate it. Ask first before making a decision that can cost you later.

Type of Print Engine

In the multifunction printer space there are two engine types: cartridge based and drum based. Cartridge based printers usually require less maintenance while drum based require a service technician for regular maintenance. Consider which one would be more convenient for your office needs.

Equipment Warranty 

While no one expects a printer to break down, it’s smart to know everything about your device’s warranty. Who provides it? How long does it last? What does it cover? For example, all Xerox multifunction printers come with a 3-year Total Satisfaction Guarantee that allows you to replace your printer with the same or a comparable model if you are not satisfied with the device’s performance.

Be sure any printer you choose gives you the same peace of mind. For more advice on what multifunction printer would best suit your office’s needs, contact an AOS Group representative today and we would be happy to help you find the perfect MFP for your needs and your budget.

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