Explore the Unexpected Benefits of MPS

3 May 2018

Printing has long been considered part of the cost of doing business, yet few business owners know the true cost of printing within their organization. A Managed Print Services (MPS) provider can help, with a comprehensive assessment of your current print infrastructure to identify areas of waste and solutions to streamline your print environment. Depending on the nature of the business and how paper intensive the industry, organizations can expect to realize savings on average of 30 percent or more, in addition to a number of lesser known benefits including:

Increased Productivity

In larger organizations with dedicated IT personnel printer troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance are typically relegated to IT staff. Small-to-medium sized businesses however may lack the resources needed to ensure the seamless operation of their print equipment, keep up with maintenance, and manage the ordering and inventory of consumables. This type of system can lead to unqualified personnel to bear the burden of these tasks, taking time away from their core responsibilities and reducing productivity. Managed Print Services restores balance to your business by assuming these responsibilities by reducing printer downtime, and increasing productivity through enhanced document production.

Reduced Environmental Footprint

In an effort to increase environmental sustainability, many businesses are implementing green initiatives into everyday work processes. MPS can help transform your print environment with a number of strategies designed to reduce your environmental impact including:

  • Recycling of used cartridges
  • Print rules such as duplex or black and white only printing
  • Increased employee awareness and education
  • Upgrading inefficient or aging print equipment to new energy efficient options
  • Implementation of print restrictions by department or user
  • And more!

Consolidated Spending 

In an uncontrolled print environment, individuals or departments are often left to purchase their own print equipment and consumables. This can lead to an office with machines that may be inadequately sized and inefficiently located. Due to the variety of equipment from multiple manufacturers, volume discounts may be lost, while the cost of maintenance and repairs skyrockets. An MPS provider can help businesses to consolidate their spending to take advantage of savings across the board, and budget predictably for future maintenance and upgrades.

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