Providing fast, high-quality service isn’t easy. In today’s economy, finding the funds and resources can also seem daunting. That’s where AOS comes in!

We offer exclusive programs to government-funded organizations to help you reduce print-related expenses, improve your team’s productivity and elevate the level of service you provide.

As a leader in your organization, you’ve probably experienced many of the challenges affecting government organizations today, like:

  • Budget cuts
  • Expense control mandates
  • Transition to digital records from paper files
  • Information and data security
  • Increased regulatory compliance issues
  • Reactive print consumables ordering

As a leading provider of products and services in the government sector, AOS has the technology, support, practices, and experts to help you reduce your expenses while improving the productivity of your people.

We offer a free assessment service that can help you uncover hidden operating expenses that you can reallocate to higher priority projects. We begin by creating an inventory of all of your print-related equipment, usage activities and costs. Our complimentary assessment will provide you with fact-based observations and insights on your current print environment and allow you to identify opportunities to cut costs, avoid waste and streamline document output and workflow.

We are extremely proud of the many business relationships we’ve formed with the government-funded organizations in our community. Our programs have addressed their needs and provided some common business outcomes like:

  • Cost reductions, typically around 30%
  • Better control and predictability of budgets
  • Service level improvements
  • Increased employee engagement, productivity and satisfaction
  • Reduced or eliminated waste
  • Implemented sustainable print strategies

Contact AOS today for more information about our exclusive current state assessment service for government!