How Marketing Using Personalization and XMPIE Can Increase Your ROI Today

5 Nov 2018

By: Matt Nash, AOS Major Account Executive

In today’s highly digitized world businesses are finding it more and more difficult to reach their targeted audiences and increase their return on investment (ROI) through their existing traditional forms of marketing channels such as: websites, social media, email and print. Over the last few years the marriage between client personalization and traditional forms of marketing has turned out to be a lasting one, and profitable too!

Multinational industry leaders such as Amazon, Facebook, Coca-Cola and Netflix were early adopters of this trend of personalization through marketing. Amazon does an outstanding job at recommending products I may like or want to add to my shopping cart based on what I have in there currently. Netflix is another great example of marketing personalization through its smart artificial intelligence (AI) which recommends movies and TV shows I may enjoy based on what I have previously watched in the past on the streaming website.

XMPIE, a Xerox Company, is the leading provider of software for cross-media, variable data one-to-one marketing, offering solutions to help businesses create and manage highly effective direct marketing and cross-media campaigns to increase their ROI. This powerful and highly intelligent software empowers businesses to integrate digital media in cross media communications to their traditional existing marketing initiatives such as: mailings, email campaigns and website interaction. The XMPIE software portfolio covers three main application areas to help your digital, online and print marketing campaigns drive more revenue, increase customer engagement and overall client satisfaction.

1. Media Personalization

The power of personalization and customized marketing solutions from XMPIE will allow you to engage your customers more effectively by tailoring your products and services to each unique individual. Simply link XMPIE to a data source such as Microsoft Excel or CSV file to connect data with text, graphic and style elements to create a variable design. Any InDesign document can be personalized! Replace static graphics and text objects with dynamic images and stories that are relevant to your individual customers based on simple rules and logic. Let the magic of XMPIE do the heavy lifting for you and watch your XMPIE marketing campaigns deliver profitable results and increased client engagement.

2. Web-to-Print & Online Portals

Marketing departments today have a plethora of mediums available at their fingertips to drive their product’s or service’s message across to their target audience. However, according to a Canada Post study targeted and personalized direct mail when reaching the right people is highly effective. The study states that 86% of Canadian consumers open mail that is personally addressed to them. XMPIE uCreate Print empowers you to create a variable document on your desktop or seamlessly connect to XMPIE’s uProduce server to work directly with documents on that server without ever leaving your desktop-based Adobe InDesign environment. Merge your customer information from any data source (such as Excel) to extract emails and shipping details such as: name, address, city and postal codes.

With XMPIE uCreate Digital you can now create and deploy fully personalized dynamic websites and emails. Use the Web to build a real-time dialogue with your visitors. This type of effective marketing addresses your customer by name when they land on your website, as if it was made entirely for them! With uCreate Digital, recipient data is immediately updated in your database for the next campaign across any channel. You can also:

  • Customize variable text and images based on recipient data
  • Show or hide various areas of the page based on the offer you wish to make for the targeted recipient
  • Change the font, colour or any other style
  • Add new recipients to your database via registration forms
  • Track recipient behaviour
  • Trigger emails based on data, recipient behaviour or events
  • And more

3. Market Automation

XMPIE Circle is THE total package that transforms your business by bringing together a marketing automation workflow and individualized contact under one umbrella. Simply put Circle is software for designing, deploying, automating and measuring personalized omnichannel marketing campaigns. Boost collaboration, visualization and time-to-market for your 1:1 multichannel marketing campaigns. Marketing campaign activities can be scheduled in advance, with recurrence patters, and to populations that are selected by CRM data and individual’s behaviours in the current or, even in previous campaigns. The graphic below illustrates the journey of your XMPIE marketing campaign from start to customer’s finish line of opening a PDF coupon for your product or service! How cool is that?


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