How MPS Can Help to Optimize Workflow and Increase Productivity

9 Aug 2016


Print technology plays an important role in the office environment, affecting everything from productivity to workflow. The latter is defined as the series of activities required to complete a particular task, where less is often more. Most office workflows tend to develop organically over time, and while they may seem to work, the key to optimizing productivity is through the assessment and fine tuning of existing processes, with the help of a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider.

The First Step To Success

Managed Print Services encompasses every aspect of your print environment, through the active optimization and management of all your devices and work processes. Your MPS agreement begins with an inventory of your existing equipment and an assessment of your workflow as part of a detailed analysis of your print infrastructure. Partnering with an MPS provider is the first step towards gaining control over your print environment, optimizing workflow, increasing productivity, reducing your carbon footprint and simplifying everyday tasks.

How MPS Improves Workflow

In order to successfully improve workflow, two important processes need to occur:

  1. Proper Placement of Equipment – Location is everything when it comes to your print network; having the right equipment close at hand cuts down on disruptions and time spent away from more important tasks. Placement is based on office layout, specific user requirements, and the ratio between the number of employees per device.
  2. Installation of Monitoring Software – MPS uses software designed to streamline processes while reducing costs and waste. It allows for the collection of data pertaining to usage, where periodic adjustments may be required, while also identifying and solving potential problems before they arise.

MPS In Action

Here are some examples of how MPS can help:

  • Ensure your printers are well maintained at all times keeping your office workflow moving.
  • Reduce waste by introducing conservative print measures such as defaulting printers to double-sided printing, draft level quality and other options.
  • Leverage efficient Energy Star rated printers in convenient areas to handle workloads and reduce bottlenecks
  • Implement security features so that documents only print when the appropriate person is at the print station
  • Show you how you can convert your hard copies to digital,  making documents easily and quickly accessible.

Partnering with a proven Managed Print provider takes the guesswork out of optimizing your print workflow. Contact us for a free print assessment today and find out how you can improve your office’s workflow today!

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