Unlock the True Value of the Hybrid Cloud


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No hardware lock-in,
best of all clouds


No more training,
let the software learn

Embrace the cloud: No downtime. No delays.
No manual provisioning or data migration.

AOS Hybrid Solutions powered by iOFabric

Get storage under your control!

Vicinity delivers cloud-like economics across all your storage, seamlessly. Your data is always where it needs to be:
active data on-premise and accessible,stale data seamlessly auto-aged to the cloud.

You don’t need a dedicated cloud architect, you just need ioFABRIC.


Unlock the True Value of Hybrid Cloud

Get the full benefits and cost efficiency of creating a true hybrid cloud. Transform your existing storage infrastructure into an on-premise private cloud, delivered to the organization in a storage-as-a-service model. Seamlessly connect local storage to public clouds, expertly managed by Vicinity all as a unified Hybrid Cloud platform.


Service-Level Objectives

Vicinity profiles performance, capacity, and data protection capabilities of all storage elements, using that knowledge to deliver the service-level requirements that each of your application workloads demand. Ensures all your data is where it should be: active, low latency data on-premise, stale data auto-aged to S3, with ice-cold data archived in Glacier.


Invisible Cloud Migration

Traditional migration practices mean substantial cost and risk, with 90% of CIOs reporting that their cloud migrations stalled or failed. Reduce OPEX costs by simplifying and accelerating the migration process with Vicinity. Migrate data automatically, with confidence, and while your applications remain running.


Add Performance and Capacity within Budget

Scale performance and capacity independently and without limit. Vicinity creates a unified storage environment that enables cross-vendor data mobility both on-premise and cloud. Buy only what you need when you need it, Vicinity recommends when you need more performance media and automatically overflows capacity to the cloud.


Realize an Immediate ROI

Experience immediate time-to-value with expert software that manages your Hybrid Cloud so you don’t need a dedicated cloud architect or expensive consultants. Reduce CAPEX by breaking from vendor-locked hardware. Drastically cut OPEX with intelligent automation and cloud orchestration. Reduce overall TCO through improved efficiency and agility.

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