Is Managed Print Services Right for Your Business?

27 Dec 2016

Managed Print Services (MPS) is a solution that can help businesses of all sizes save money, reduce their impact on the environment, and increase productivity. Although defining MPS may not be as simple as you think, the results are crystal clear—enhanced visibility, and greater control over office printing.

The Printing Realm

Printing accounts for a great deal of time and expense, with experts estimating the average business spends up to 15 percent of their annual operating budget on printing. Managed Print Services facilitates management and optimization of your entire print fleet, including print output and all supporting processes. It also encompasses:

  • Consumables and other supplies.
  • Print equipment, including networked and non-networked printers, scanners and high volume print equipment.
  • Documents produced by in-house staff and mobile workers.
  • Maintenance, technical support and other print-related requests.

Choosing the Best Managed Print Services Provider

Selecting the right MPS provider will yield the best results. In addition to managing your printers, an experienced, knowledgeable partner can perform a number of other vital functions, including:

  • An initial assessment to determine the current state of printing within your organization. The assessment includes a cost analysis, inventory, and printer mapping to identify areas of waste, and highlight any necessary improvements.
  • Streamlining your printer fleet, eliminating printers that are inefficient or ill-placed, and adding or replacing equipment to better suit your needs and budget.
  • Tracking supply inventory, in order to replenish stock of consumables before they run out.
  • Digitizing processes that are unnecessarily time consuming, such as approvals, or routing.
  • Shrinking your carbon footprint through reduced energy usage, rules based printing, cartridge recycling and energy efficient equipment.
  • Provide secure access to printing for mobile workers.
  • Steadily monitor your print environment, updating processes as needed to reduce print costs, and improve productivity.

The benefits of Managed Print Services reach far beyond your printer. Choosing the right MPS provider is the key to your success, allowing you to focus on your business, knowing your print infrastructure is streamlined and operating at peak efficiency.

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