It’s Not a Photocopier, It’s a Workplace Assistant

7 Aug 2018

By: Greg Matsis, Account Manager, Brantford and Norfolk 

Here at The AOS Group, we are now collectively working towards changing the way people think about photocopiers. First of all they are NOT photocopiers – anymore. They are, in fact, Workplace Assistants or WPAs. This new mindset towards office efficiency is necessary due to the fact that the Xerox technology simply does so much more than the conventional photocopier used to do. As the name suggests, these devices literally assist you in the workplace to achieve tasks quickly, helping you work smarter. It is actually best to think of a Xerox WPA as a smartphone for your office. Here are three reasons why:

  1. We weren’t joking when we were comparing WPAs to smartphones. Xerox just announced that they will be making ‘Gabi’ available to their line of AltaLink products. Gabi is basically the Siri (Apple) or Alexa (Amazon) for your office. Imagine working at your desk and commanding “Gabi make 10 colour copies, double-sided, and stapled” or “Gabi, release secure print.” Now it is a reality!
  2. Xerox’s Workplace Assistants are so beneficial to the office because of the vast array of apps available from the growing Xerox App Gallery. Whether you would like to print from, or scan to, your Dropbox, GoogleDrive or OneDrive, Xerox makes that seamlessly possible. Utilizing the Get Service Now app, one can make service calls from the device, allowing for diagnostic information to be sent out automatically, enabling the experienced Xerox technicians to remedy any issue in an efficient manner.
  3. In the past, differentiating specifications such as image quality or print speeds would determine a suitable photocopier for an office. Well those were for “photocopiers.” While those specs are still important, now we encourage our clientele to also consider things like processing power. Much like a smartphone, the iPhone 8 is going to work a lot faster than the iPhone 3 for transferring data, loading apps etc. Just like the Xerox 7000 is not going to be able to process 15 employees sending simultaneous print jobs as fast the Xerox AltaLink C8030 would.

Xerox units have definitely evolved to voice-assisting, app-heavy, powerful WPAs seen across all small, medium and large office environments. So the next time you happen to overhear a co-worker passively refer to the Xerox as a “photocopier”, don’t be afraid to correct them with something along the lines of “Hey! That’s ‘Workplace Assistant’ to you!”

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