Whether large or small, your legal firm manages enormous amounts of sensitive documentation that must be kept secure and confidential, yet remain accessible when needed. Whether you’re an attorney, or an administrator, you probably spend plenty of hours creating, printing, copying, filing, retrieving and updating versions of client files and documentation.

We’ve found many of our legal clients face the same challenges today, including:

  • Time spent in document search and retrieval
  • Slow adoption of digital document technology
  • Avoidable print expenses including hardware, consumables and waste

  • Space constraints for required document storage
  • Security of data, client files and records
  • Backup of critical information, i.e. disaster planning and recovery strategies

AOS can help you increase your firm’s productivity and billable hours by converting your paper documents into easily searchable, retrievable and secure electronic files, from court briefs to contracts and more. Our scanning and workflow solutions allow you to scan your paper documents into digital files easily, and then store them in a secure repository accessible 24/7 via the web. Your documents can be password protected and retrievable only by authorized personnel using case numbers, client names, filings or any other designated field.

Workflows and routing protocols ensure security and version control as documents move through your firm from creation to review to approval of multiple attorneys, offices, clients and courts. Small and mid-sized firms, corporate legal departments, large practices and courts now use our workflow solutions to increase productivity, streamline process and save time and lower the costs of managing content.

AOS can customize a solution to fit the unique needs of your practice. Contact your representative to learn how our legal solutions can help you with:

  • Client and practice records
  • Contracts and non-disclosure agreements
  • Corporate counsel minutes
  • Motions, briefs, filings and rulings

  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Implement electronic documentation
  • Backup critical files for disaster planning and recovery

Let us customize a solution to fit the needs of your firm. We’re ready when you are. Call and engage us today!