Mobile Management is More Than Just IT

At AOS we offer a combination of highly trained people and a proprietary Mobile Management Program. It’s a complete solution for setting up, managing, operating, and maintaining a Managed Mobility Service. Each component has been designed and tested in the field during our team’s years of experience managing corporate mobile fleets.

AOS Mobile Technologies

Louis Gagnon, President of AOS

Our platform consists of seven main elements.

Together they form an all-encompassing managed mobility system with each component fulfilling a specific function within the platform.

Service Desk Technology

The help desk plays a critical role in delivering mobile support. As a result, it’s essential that it provide an efficient and effective means of receiving requests, creating tickets and completing tasks.

Mobile Device Management

Maintaining clear communications between service personnel and policy makers is important to the smooth operation of a complete and responsive MDM solution.

Customer Relationship Management

Actively engaging with clients, evaluating their needs and responding to requests is a basic requirement contributing to the overall effectiveness of any managed mobility service.

Telecom Expense Management

Controlling carrier expenses is the key to managing the overall cost of a mobile fleet. It’s crucial that a management service has an effective means to do this.

Device Technology

In order to provide a modern, dynamic, versatile mobility management solution, you must have access to an extensive library of applications and current technologies.

Customer Onboarding

In terms of mobility management, new customer integration is often overlooked. A detailed and consistent process is necessary to onboard new clients seamlessly into a mobility management platform.

Business Management Tools

The mobility management industry is complex. Maintaining a specialized system of organizing clients, services and employees is crucial to the operation of a cost-effective service.