Avoid Downtime and Keep Your Systems Running

Your company’s network infrastructure is the heart of your organization. That’s why our Network Operations Centre and Help Desk are available to ensure your network stays up and running.

Think of our NOC as the early warning system for your network – one that can also keep it optimized and monitor it for faults. Our centre is staffed 24/7 with skilled technicians ready to provide remote maintenance, patch management, rebooting devices, and system monitoring for alerts.

We always know when trouble arises for your company’s servers, switches, firewalls, routers and applications. When a problem is detected, our engineers are on the case, troubleshooting and repairing it immediately.

Client Benefits

Our NOC and Help Desk clients receive many benefits from our services including:

  • Improved Communication – You can have all of your IT needs directed to a single core team of technicians and engineers. The help desk team responds to your request and uses all of the appropriate resources to find and implement a solution, ensuring full accountability.
  • Quick Resolution – Our NOC and Help Desk teams work at one or two facilities in different locations to ensure optimal access and availability. Each team is fully engaged in all alerts, inbound calls and messages. Every team member is involved with every support request from beginning to resolution and issue escalation is seamless.
  • Better Quality Control – Our NOC and Help Desk staff work as teams in large open rooms, not individual offices. This arrangement makes it easier for management to ensure that every team member has the information and tools they need to fulfill requests with the quality support that you expect and deserve.

Our Help Desk is always available to resolve any problems. You enjoy the benefit of directing all of your questions to one core team that is dedicated to seamlessly resolving any network issues in the quickest, most efficient way possible. We understand “time is money” and we’re always looking out for your bottom line!

Contact us today to learn how our Network Operations Centre and Help Desk can improve the quality of your network, resolve issues quickly, and give you the peace of mind to focus on your core business objectives!