Offer Personalized Customer Service to Your Customers

14 Nov 2018

Want to know how to retain customers and grow your business? Provide great customer service! However, good customer service is about more than hiring cheery people and greeting your customers at the door.

Great customer service is personalized. When asked, most business owners will respond that that’s exactly what they do, but do they really?

Personalized Customer Service is Powerful

Don’t underestimate the power personalized customer service offers. A recent report found that buyers state the biggest motivator of whether or not they buy from a particular seller is the level of customer service offered. The same report found that businesses that provide an excellent customer experience throughout the buying process generate 60% higher profits than those that don’t.

When a customer enters your location and receives excellent customer service, they notice. If fact, another study found that 76% of buyers believe that the level of customer service that they receive is a good indicator of how a company values their business. Personalizing customer service sets a standard of care that customers appreciate.

Today, buyers have many choices. Personalized customer service can set you apart. Studies have shown that 55% of buyers will pay more for a product or service if they receive excellent customer service during and after the sale.

Here are five tips to move your business from good to great customer service:

  1. Know Your Customers by Name – This simple gesture makes a big impact and can build trust and lasting relationships.
  2. Send Handwritten Notes – Have your staff sign and send a birthday card to your best customers. Send VIPs handwritten notes a few times a year.
  3. Do Business With Your Customers – If your customers are small business owners, frequent their establishments or use their services. Join your local Chamber of Commerce to take advantage of networking opportunities.
  4. Offer Demonstrations or Workshops – Personalized service includes education. Offer demonstrations or workshops to add value.
  5. Spotlight Your Best Customers – Feature them on your social media feeds, on your website and in store. Let them know that you appreciate their business!

Personalized customer service is powerful and can set your business apart from your competitors. Your customers will appreciate and respond to your efforts. Provide personalized customer service and your customers will reward you with years of repeat business!



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