Business Phone Systems

The telephone is still the easiest means of access for anyone needing your services. This trusted resource allows you to quickly communicate important information to your customers and coworkers and remains one of the easiest ways for your clients and business contacts to reach you.

Whether you need a four-line system for your home office or a 200-line small business system, your phone system is an important investment. There are a number of factors to consider. Cost is certainly one of your first considerations. However, it’s also important to consider clarity of the calls, system options and professional technical support. But, what you really want is the best value; getting a great price, the most needed capabilities and exceptional customer service.

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Multi-line Phone Systems

Like many startups, you probably started out with a two-line phone, caller ID, call waiting and voicemail. As your business has grown, so have your phone system needs; now it’s time to consider increasing your capabilities. Today, multi-line phone systems offer all the features you need to thrive in a challenging, competitive, business climate. Multi-line phone systems typically offer DID, night attendant, call transfer, call forwarding and you can easily and affordably add additional lines as needed.

There are three main types of multi-line systems: PBX, Key business, and KSU-less. When you’re ready to choose a multi-line system for your business, research all of the options and available features to determine which one best meets your company’s unique needs.

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PBX Systems

“Private Branch Exchange” or PBX systems provide dial tones to multiple phones in your office using fewer telephone service lines. This is a “one-to-many” model as opposed to having individual service lines on each phone (one-to-one). It works by assuming that in any office there are only a percentage of phones being used at any particular time.  On a PBX system everyone shares service lines and there are fewer lines than handsets.

The advantage is pretty clear: a PBX system requires fewer lines (channels, bandwidth) and that lowers your cost. The system manages the entire process. A business PBX phone system can manage and handle all your calls effectively, at a much lower operating cost.

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VoIP Phone Systems

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the most important phone technology of the last decade. VoIP is a digital technology that leverages the power of the Internet. VoIP systems combine voice, data and networking and also provide enhanced computer/telephone integration. With a VoIP system, employees can make and receive calls remotely via the Internet creating virtual office connectivity. Today, VoIP phone systems are an affordable alternative for any sized business.

VoIP phone systems have moved communication forward, away from the old analog phone technology to digital Internet-based communication. Here are two major benefits your business will experience with a VoIP system:

  • Significant cost savings – While savings can vary from one business to another, the average company sees communications costs reduced by 30%
  • VoIP merges phone service with email, fax, web conferencing and video

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PBX vs. VoIP Phone Systems

PBX phone systems are slowing losing market share to VoIP. VoIP phone systems allow you to connect multiple network applications, integrate computers and mobile devices with your office phone system. However, PBX systems are a great bargain and a reliable telephone system for any business.

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Unified Communications: The Interconnected Office!

Unified Communications (UC) is an all-in-one communications network solution. Starting with your VoIP or Hosted VoIP system, UC integrates your phone, voice mail, email, video conferencing and IM on the same end-to-end network. All of your communication applications and devices are integrated and work together seamlessly. Even before you pick up the phone or type a message, you’ll know who is available and how best to reach them, on any device, wired or wireless, anytime, anywhere. This creates a rich communications experience and makes it easier to connect, collaborate and communicate with the people you need to get the job done!

UC gives you voicemail-to-email and fax-to-email capabilities. You have the same secure access to your network on your remote device when you’re away from the office. A Unified Communications system adds new features to your desktop apps, like presence indicators. Desktop call control lets you access phone features on your desktop. Just click to dial any number from your contact list.

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