The printing industry is regulated by independent testing laboratories, which have confirmed that genuine Xerox supplies produce superior quality as an operating standard. Moreover, they deliver almost one third more pages than other alternatives.

Xerox products are designed for easy end-user supply replacement and possess user-friendly interfaces, enabling employees to replenish most printers within minutes. Xerox printer cartridges and printer toner enable Xerox equipment to perform its functions flawlessly. Opting for other than Xerox supplies almost always triggers costly equipment malfunctions – if not immediately, then after a while.

Advantages of Xerox Supplies

Typically, printer toner and printer cartridges sourced from manufacturers other than Xerox will cause leakages. After a while, the impurities present in the ink accumulate on the printing heads and become visible as printing defects. These defects contribute to increased unreliability in printing. In fact, costs will start to increase consequently, as employees will have to print the same document time and again until the desired quality is obtained.

A simple calculation shows that Xerox supplies will balance out from a cost standpoint with non-genuine products, for a few simple reasons: Xerox printer toner produces 30% more pages for the same amount of ink; adding the cost of maintenance and repairing printing heads due to damage, plus the cost of the wasted ink and paper necessary to obtain professional looking documents, lead to the same final operating cost – but with more stress. Moreover, hardware that constantly encounters substandard inks is more likely to fail and will require higher maintenance costs.

Xerox printer toner has been shown by the Buyers Lab Institute to perform much better in tests than refill toners. The tests involved photo-quality image printing, text clarity, performance, and page output in number of sheets. Genuine toners incorporate superior technology and environmentally friendly inks that support all the advantages of Xerox printing machines: professional colour blending, clear images, and rich text.