Many retail establishments have no idea how many print devices they have or exactly how much they’re actually spending on print. That’s why we’ve designed an MPS solution to meet the specific needs of the retail industry.

At AOS, we understand that retail organizations have special needs when it comes to both internal and external communications. We assume you’d like to practice more sustainable print practices, like eliminating waste, as well as improving your cost visibility and controlling expenses.

We’ve identified a number of print challenges many retailers face today, including:

  • Decentralized purchasing
  • Poor cost visibility
  • No usage protocols or cost controls
  • Reactive consumables ordering
  • Workflow and communications bottlenecks

Our exclusive Managed Print Services program for retail can help you to better manage your documents in both hardcopy and digital formats. We can help keep your team focused on revenue generating tasks while we assume full responsibility for your printing hardware, service and supplies.

Want to learn more about our exclusive approach to Managed Print Services for retail? Call an AOS team member today and arrange a free Retail Print Assessment!