We offer a comprehensive IT assessment that can help you to better understand where your IT currently stands, and help prepare your business for its future IT needs. Our engineers and consultants can help you meet your goals through a comprehensive review of the current state of your organization from a technology perspective.

Once we understand your current status and your future business goals, we work with you to develop a technology plan that aligns with your budget and needs.

Important Questions to Consider:

  • Is your IT infrastructure ready to meet today’s business challenges?
  • Is critical software up to date?
  • Is your network safe and secure?
  • Do you perform regular backups and have a disaster recovery plan in place?

Our IT assessment is designed to help you identify any gaps in your current infrastructure in order to define and implement a formal disaster recovery plan, minimize business disruption, automate daily data backups, recover with the latest critical data, maintain customer confidence and ensure proper regulatory compliance.

Risk Assessment

Our risk assessment focuses on all areas of your current IT infrastructure including:

  • Disaster preparedness and recovery readiness
  • Critical data needed for business continuity
  • Recovery time predictability
  • Device, data and network capabilities
  • Infrastructure redundancy
  • Change management preparation
  • Security protection

Assessment Outcomes

An AOS Technology Assessment provides you with answers, identifies gaps in your IT infrastructure, and offers suggestions for improvement including:

  • Defined disaster recovery plan
  • Ideas for business continuity in the event of a disaster
  • Detailed automated backup opportunities
  • A “latest critical data” recovery plan
  • Suggestions for governance and regulatory compliance
  • Client confidence assurance

You will receive a detailed assessment report outlining observations and offering suggestions you can use to benchmark the current state of your company’s IT infrastructure.

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