The Curse of the Inkjet

21 Nov 2018

By: Maddison Ranger, Regional Account Manager

Ahh, the inkjet printer: something almost everyone who has owned a printer or worked in a small office is familiar with. You know, that little device sitting on the table in the corner. The one that causes you to wonder how something so small could add so much frustration to your day? Sure, the inkjet printer seems appealing due to its reasonable price tag and compact size; but hiding beneath that shiny, compact exterior is a money and time-wasting device.

One of the most common complaints we hear from customers is how much it costs to simply keep these devices running. According to Consumer Reports, “…the expense of ink replacement is the most common pain point for printer owners—affecting the owners of 1 in 5 printers” (Bufete, 2018). Sure, the initial acquisition cost may be a few hundred dollars, but the printer itself is generally a loss leader for companies. Because of this, the cost of ink adds up quickly, and it’s not uncommon to see customers spending more on ink in the first few months of owning a device than they did on their initial investment (it’s easy to do at $60 a cartridge).

Some vendors have tried to combat this problem by remanufacturing ink (sometimes called Drill and Fill or aftermarket ink), and while they have managed to cut costs, they have created other challenges in the process. Aftermarket ink is notorious for clogging printer heads and leaking in devices causing them to be rendered useless while almost always voiding your warranty.

A better solution to high ink prices and damaged devices is to partner with AOS’s Managed Print Services. We can help you find a laser solution which will help cut down on high ink costs. Not only will you receive toner for a fraction of the cost, (delivered to your door automatically beforeyou run out) you’ll also get full service and maintenance of your device.

Another common complaint we hear about inkjet printers is the slow print speed. Watching your page whirr and inch along is almost as bad as watching paint dry. While inkjet printers do serve a purpose, that purpose is generally for the average college student who prints a report once a month, not a business printing multiple documents in a day.

A simple solution to the snail-like speed of an inkjet printer is to invest in a more robust laser device. If you were to compare a common inkjet printer to a Xerox laser printer you will see that the laser is much faster and is built to handle printing more pages. This results in you and your employees spending less time waiting for your prints, and more time focusing on important business tasks.

As a bonus, you can also put your new Xerox laser printer on AOS’s Managed Print Services to help you save time and money on toner and repairs.

Don’t you think it’s time to ditch that slow, money-sucking device that makes you want to pull your hair out? Reach out to your local AOS representative and we can help you make a smooth transition to laser printers and Managed Print Services. We’ll even give you a credit for your current inkjet device!

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