Watch out for These Print Costs That Can Sabotage Your Office Budget

8 Sep 2016


When you’re managing an office, keeping your budget in check is always top of mind. When looking for ways to reduce spending, many managers often overlook the cost of printing, when in reality, unmanaged print costs can sabotage your annual budget. Rather than considering print to be a necessary cost of doing business, be on the lookout for hidden costs and start saving.

Here are six ways your print environment may be costing you more than you think:

  1. Hardware – In an effort to save money, many small business owners simply head to the nearest office supply store and purchase an inexpensive printer or two. However, the cheapest printers can often cost the most in supplies.
  2. Productivity Loss – Incorrect placement, inadequate equipment, and downtime due to repairs can cost your company in lost productivity. A Managed Print Services (MPS) provider can help improve office workflow by determining which equipment works best for each department and where to place it.
  3. Waste – Default print settings are often inefficient, frequently set for single-sided colour printing. Reset user defaults to double-sided prints in black and white, saving high quality colour prints for specified users or departments.
  4. Consolidation – Using multiple, single use machines such as a copier, printer or scanner is inefficient and more costly than consolidating all these function in an MFP. Likewise, purchasing your office equipment from multiple vendors will prevent you from negotiating the best deal, places excess demand on IT staff, and increases the number of maintenance and repair contracts to manage.
  5. Energy Output – Using old, inefficient printers can result in unnecessarily high energy bills. Instead, relegate older machines to a quieter corner of the office, or for private use, and invest in an Energy Star rated, high efficiency printer for high volume work.
  6. Support – When one of your printers breaks down, your instincts may be to call the IT department for help, but odds are they won’t have the expertise to diagnose or repair the issue at hand. Devise some simple self-help protocols that users can refer to for guidance to fix common printer problems.

Talk to a proven MPS provider like the AOS Group today.  We can help uncover your hidden print costs, and find solutions to increase productivity, and your bottom line.

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