Why are SMBs Turning to Managed IT Services?

24 Jul 2016


One of the biggest challenges that many small to medium size business owners face is keeping up with today’s ever-changing technology; experts say that every 28 days brings a significant technological advance. Often SMBs don’t have the resources to design a strategy that accommodates these fast-paced changes.

Many SMBs are taking advantage of Managed IT Services to help them stay current. By partnering with a Managed IT Services provider, the unique technology needs of your business will be evaluated, and recommendations will be made based upon this assessment.  They can also provide services like server and desktop management, security, reporting, ongoing IT maintenance and upgrades.

Here are some of the benefits of Managed IT for SMBs:

Offers budget control and cost savings: It’s critical to have a system that works with your budget but doesn’t compromise on quality. A Managed IT Service provider can design a plan that works within your budget and addresses your specific needs.

Provides a stable and dependable IT resource: It can be expensive for a small business to maintain an in-house IT staff that can keep up with constantly evolving technology. You also risk stretching your in-house IT team too thin, which can compromise quality. Instead, a Managed IT Services provider is dedicated to your unique needs and can keep you armed with the latest IT solutions.

Comprehensive solutions for your organization’s needs: Your company has specific technology needs, and Managed IT Services can offer you custom-made solutions that fit your requirements. Also, while response time can sometimes be slow with an in-house IT department, Managed IT Services offers the resources and manpower to get your needs addressed promptly.

If it’s been a while since you’ve evaluated your company’s technology needs, contact us today for a “No Obligation” Technology Risk Assessment.

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