Wireless Printer Advantages

Many small businesses in Ontario can benefit from wireless laser printer solutions. The AOS Group firmly believes that mobile workers will appreciate the opportunity to interact with printers while away from their desks.

There are many advantages offered by wireless printers, since the rise of mobile and cloud technologies have become incorporated into modern offices. Xerox Wi-Fi printers come equipped with an LCD interface for preview and printer programming. Moreover, they are compatible with all desktop and mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry. This allows for printing on the go from smartphones and tablets, as well as standard usage with desktop PCs, laptops, and workstations.

Wireless Laser Printer Features and Advantages

When imagining a sales professional on their way to an early morning meeting, the first thing that comes to mind is time pressure and the second is stress. Wireless printers cut the waiting times and enable remote interaction via mobile and cloud, thus easing the pressure on the lives of entire offices. When time pressure mounts, Wi-Fi printers can aid professionals by starting to print long before the paper can be collected, and save precious minutes.

Equipped with advanced finishing options for professional-level documents, the wireless printer series from Xerox can offer many advantages apart from cost savings. With colour prints for the cost of black and white pages and direct photo manipulation at the printer interface, wireless printers can output up to 37 pages per minute or 300,000 pages each month.

To address the most common issues encountered by wireless printers, Xerox created suitable software protocols and used sturdy and reliable hardware, all of which enable wireless printers to remain steadily connected to all the other devices in the office workgroup throughout the year, without downtimes, and without interruptions, ever. The AOS Group consultants remain within their customers’ reach by email or phone, to consult regarding the best wireless printer solutions for each office.